If you are a guest blogger, the writing wins.


The requirements to publish a publication?

You can write your own article dedicated to the health and wellness, you can take advantage of the popularity of the Envytalyfe CBD OIL that hosts you and make your point of view known by promoting a wellness and health activity.

Basic requirements

  • Your guest post must be 100% original, not duplicated, not copied, and never published on other sites;
  • It must have quality content and be grammatically correct;
  • The length should be around 500 words;
  • However, we reserve the right to re-edit the text to adapt it to our standards; The guest post is not a promotional item, businesses or items for promotional purposes;
  • We accept press releases (contact us for this);
  • Articles must be related to the topics covered by our blog, health and wellness: the content must deal exclusively with a topic or subject and must be as focused as possible;

Have you read the requirements? We start?

  • Send us your proposal via Contact page and you will automatically receive all the information needed.
  • Once written, your article will be viewed and, if deemed appropriate, approved by the editorial staff.

Article approval!

  • To make sure your article is approved, follow these simple rules:
  • Original, quality article that provides information to our visitors;
  • Each article entered must be related to health and wellness;
  • Images can be inserted in jpg format (be careful not to upload files that are too heavy);